Adult O&M Examples

Adults quickly learn white cane techniques for safe mobility. Here are a few examples of long cane technique (two-point touch and ascending stairs) and human skills assessment, traversing doorways and stairs with guide techniques.
Adult who is blind using his cane at work.
Hunter College O&M graduate student learns two point touch cane technique in 20 minutes. By the end of one hour, she demonstrates competency is both safe mobility cane technique and independent re-orientation strategies.
Hunter College O&M graduate students learn to navigate wearing blindfolds inside and outside.  This is her first lesson walking blindfolded in a residential neighborhood.  She already had been taught cane skills  inside.

Two days later, the graduate student demonstrates independent residential travel skills.

Hunter College O&M graduate lab lesson ascending stairs with a rod cane.

O&M graduate lab: Stair practice which allows student to practice maintaining and regaining her orientation.

Hunter College O&M graduate lab lesson on assessing a student's human guide skills.

Human guide stairs and door practice.