Early intervention professionals recommend this cane

Teacher of visual impairment discusses benefits of Toddler Cane for four-year-old girl with cortical visual impairment (CVI)
Theresa Lehman, teacher of learners with visual impairment discusses her experiences with the wearable white cane aka Toddler Cane when teaching her four year old student, Mia. Lehman said she felt Mia was safer when wearing her cane and that when Mia wore the cane that allowed her to focus more on the learning, less on watching out for hazards. Compare videos of Mia being guided with and without the wearable cane (05:28).
Physical therapist discusses benefits of Toddler Cane for three-year-old girl with cortical visual impairment
Debbie Organ has provided physical therapy to pediatric patients for over 35 years. She enthusiastically recommends the toddler cane after working with it since February with a 4-year-old multiply impaired client with cortical visual impairment (CVI) (17:13).
A teacher of 32-years (TVI, OM and SpEd) describes Toddler Cane benefits for three-year-old girl with cortical visual impairment.
Rosemary Williams is the TVI/O&M specialist for a four-year-old student with Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) who has been a participant in the toddler cane trials since February 2018. Williams expanded on the previous video with the student's physical therapist, Debbie Organ. Rosemary goes into much greater depth on the child's functioning and the process and outcomes of teaching her to wear a custom made Toddler Cane (16:45).

Moms' reasons for choosing the belt cane


A candid family interview provides background and explains why they chose a wearable cane for Jaxon, 2 years old. His tunnel vision caused him to fall a lot (05:12).

A candid family interview continues as his mother and grandmother discuss how sometimes people misjudge the extent of Jaxon's visual impairment (01:39).

Charna's mom provides in-sights into her feelings about the belt cane. She feels Charna has more confidence when she wears it. She worries when Charna "bangs" it on other people's furniture, and she feels like Charna doesn't need it yet for stairs. (10:23).
In Brief - Rosemary's cortical visual impairment toy recommendation
Rosemary Williams TVI/O&M and special education teacher shows off a few of her favorite finds for working with multiply impaired students (03:00).