Alexander is Blind Due to Traumatic Brain Injury


September 28, 2020

More belt cane practice. His mom reported that, "he enjoys his cane. He loves that he can walk better with it."

Before belt cane

July 2, 2020

Alexander is thirty-two months old.

He can walk, but he does not.


Solitary, repetitive play

Mouthing toys in child his age is due to limited motor options.

Moving about in slow circles. Poor gait, short duration - wants to return to seated position.

After belt cane

August 30, 2020

He is walking and reacting to objects in his environment.


August 30, 2020

First steps with his belt cane for Alex and his O&M specialist. She adjusts the belt to get the right fit and position. He is reacting well to detecting obstacles.