Obtain a cane


Safe Toddles is a nonprofit organization. Our mission is to improve the way blind babies interact with their world. Our belt canes are the first and only mobility tool that allows blind babies under age five to develop confident, independent ambulation.

Belt canes are hand-crafted; man hours and materials combined make cost per cane set (one belt two frames) - $625.


Recent donations have enabled us to substantially reduce price per cane set.  

1. Option one - $180 per cane set - cane ships within the week.

  • Click the yellow button "buy now" and complete all parts of the form. 

2. Option two - provide videos and feedback - cane ships in one to three months.

  • Click yellow button "photo release" and complete all parts of the form.

3. Option three - free cane - cane ships in three to six months.

  • Click yellow button "free cane" and complete all parts of the form.


How to Measure for a Pediatric Belt Cane

Below video demonstrates measuring a toddler with Safe Toddles measuring kit tools. -Let us know if you would like us to send you a measuring kit.

-A standard 12-inch ruler can also be used to obtain the correct hip to hip length (do not use measuring tape for hip to hip measurement).

-A measuring tape can be used to measure floor to shoulder and waist circumference.

Preschool girl with mobility visual impairment uses both Safe Toddles' belt cane and a walker.

Preschool girl with mobility visual impairment wears her Safe Toddles' belt cane for path information and uses her walker for support.