Obtain a Cane


Safe Toddles' Pediatric Belt Canes

Pediatric belt canes consist of a set of one belt and two cane frames (an everyday frame and a tight spaces frame). Each belt cane set is custom made to fit the dimensions and needs of each child. Production and materials cane set costs equal $625.


Recent donations have enabled us to offset these costs for a limited number of canes to a reduced price of $180 per cane set.  


Request for video trial participation

Safe Toddles is driven to make the world a better place for children who are blind or mobility visually impaired. Our decision making process is informed by empirical studies. We have the largest database of mobility videos of toddler and preschool children who are blind or visually impaired. These videos are essential to our mission of improving safe mobility for all children who are blind and mobility visually impaired and pediatric belt cane design and use.


Any one who is obtaining a pediatric belt cane is encouraged to consider participation in our video research trials.


1. Option one - $180* per cane set - cane ships approx three to five weeks. *Limited quantity of reduced cost cane sets available to families

Free Canes - We are committed providing free canes to any child in need, because belt canes are essential safety equipment that enables toddlers with visual impairments to develop to their full potential.  

2. Option two - provide videos and feedback - cane ships in two to three months.

3. Option three - free cane - cane ships in four to six months.

A standard ruler is used to measure hip to hip length (size 8).

waist width.jpeg

Preschool girl with mobility visual impairment wears her Safe Toddles' belt cane for path information and uses her walker for support.