Obtain a cane

How to obtain a wearable toddler cane in two easy steps:

         Step 1 - Choose your tier

         Step 2 - Click on the buttons below your chosen tier.

Watch video (below) to observe how to measure a toddler for a wearable cane.


Tier 1 - Make a donation of $400 to Safe Toddles (2 week wait list).

Tier 2 - Donate 3 months of videos  (1 month wait list).

Tier 3 - submit registration form (2 month wait list).

How to measure for a Wearable Cane

Below video demonstrates measuring a toddler with Safe Toddles measuring kit tools. Let us know if you would like us to send you a measuring kit. Otherwise, a standard 12-inch ruler can be used to obtain the correct hip to hip length (do not use measuring tape for hip to hip measurement). A measuring tape can be used to measure floor to shoulder and waist circumference.

Preschool girl with mobility visual impairment uses her Safe Toddles 'Toddler Cane to walk in a gait trainer down a school hallway to physical therapy room.