Audrey has Cortical Visual Impairment

Before belt cane

Walks with head down (11/25/2019)

Audrey can cruise and walks holding parents hands. Her parents reached out for a belt cane because, having seen before videos of children this website they saw many similarities with Audrey in the way she moves around. "We think she will really benefit from a belt cane."


After belt cane

Head-up when walking  (3/2/2020)

Audrey's direction and speed of walking is improved. Her head appears to be more upright when walking with the cane. She also sounds like she is saying "no" to the question, "do you want to take your cane off?"

Sidewalk cane skills  (5/17/2020)

Audrey's dad wrote that she "uses her cane to follow the edge of the path (cane half on grass and pavement). She is capable of identifying the edge of pavement and where the road starts.  She knows to lift the cane when reaching the other side of the road too".