Audrina has optic nerve hypoplasia

Part I Wearable cane: Audrina's introduction to her first wearable white cane for preschoolers.
This is the first in a series of short videos documenting the day in October 2017 that Audrina, 3 1/2 with severe visual impairment, wore her cane for the first time. This shows her putting it on for the first time and walking the school hallways to class with her O&M specialist (07:26).
Part 2 wearable cane: Audrina explores the gross motor room and grows confident with consistent path information.
Audrina moves about the equipment in a gross motor room. Wearing her cane, Audrina steps up/down on thick gym mats, walks up/down ramps, swings on a therapy swing and attempts to play dodge ball (06:24). 
Part 3 wearable cane: "I got here!" next step confidence and language rich interactions
Audrina instinctively uses her wearable cane to avoid obstacles and probe the environment. We see Audrina self-initiating running for the first time. An O&M lesson with Audrina as she is wearing her cane is also shown (08:53).
Part 4 Long cane: Lack of path information, lack of confidence and language poor interactions
Audrina, 3-year-old with mobility visual impairment, and a small group of her peers walk from their classroom to the half-way mark on the route to a nearby playground. Audrina's lacks confidence in her visual path information and she is unable to keep up with her peers using her long cane (14:32). 
Part 5 Return to consistent path information
Audrina's remaining half of the route to the playground is with the wearable cane. Audrina begins speaking about what is in her path, she gets into a debate about the best route to the playground, begins running, playing chase and is much less compliant and more like a 3-year-old (14:26).