Stairs with belt cane

Months of progress in 60 seconds 

Wyatt's progress walking up the platform for hand washing when wearing his belt cane. Look ma' I'm independent!

Two-year-old Caeden's first try learning to ascend stairs wearing his pediatric belt cane.


Caeden climbing stairs with his belt cane.

Caeden going down the steps a relative breeze! Go Caeden!!


Jaxson, two-year-old boy with tunnel vision.

One step up

Jaxon practices stair technique.

Charna is blind. She follows her dad down the stairs wearing her belt cane. They are counting the steps in Yiddish.


Matias is blind. He follows his dad's instructions to go down/up a curb and up and down the stairs wearing his belt cane. They are speaking in Spanish


Jojo has optic nerve hypoplasia. He is playing with a remote control airplane on the corner of Park Ave and E68th St. Jojo moves easily up/down curbs.

Madison is moving about outside her home wearing her belt cane.

Down the stairs wearing belt cane