Charna is blind with no light perception

Second month - May 2018

Magnet cane comes apart May 13, 2018

-Charna is able to easily release the magnets from the cane belt. She waits for her dad to reconnect. When connected, we see Charna has improved her ability to maneuver the Shabish tish (table).


Temporary return to bungee cane

Long frame trouble May 13, 2018

-Charna's dad switches back to the bungee belt cane. The original is longer and catches Charna once.  However, she is still able to stand up wearing it and continues to happily explore her home wearing her belt cane.

New magnet belt with two cane frames

Lesson on concepts May 17, 2018

-Charna's teacher demonstrates how she introduces concrete concepts during her early education session. Charna gets a new belt and two new cane frames, the tight spaces and daily frame.

Temporary return to bungee cane

Masters one-step directions May 18, 2018

-Charna's dad switches back to the bungee belt cane. We observe multiple one-step directions: Charna sit down, she does. Stand up, she does. When her frame goes under a chair, he prompts her to back up and she does.