Charna is blind with no light perception

Third month - June 2018

Magnet belt tight-spaces and daily frame

Back up mommy June 6, 2018

-Charna is exerting her will, if only the adults would comply. We see her locate her music and ask us to stop asking her to stand-up. She stands up to get to hear a song. When her cane frame can't push her mom out of the way, she tells her mom to back up.


Playing chase June 10, 2018

-Charna is playing chase with her dad. "laufen" means 'run' in Yiddish. She is able to remove her cane frame. She allows her dad to reconnect it.  This video and the next show the tight spaces cane frame disconnecting from the belt. We have added a "fix" on our how-to page.

Responding to toys June 11, 2018

-Charna's language and concepts continue to improve. Dad asks her to touch her crib, she does. Her cane frame pushes a school bus toy, she sits down, finds it, plays with it and then moves about again. Charna can also "fix" her cane independently and when prompted.

Searching for tati June 12, 2018

-It is very clear that Charna searches for her dad. He has been documenting her searches over several videos. We hear her loudly calling for him. He also has taught her to look for toys that drop on the floor. She demonstrates this as well.

First time walking in park June 17, 2018

-This short set of three clips are Charna's first time walking on the park trail under her own steam. Momentous.