Charna is blind with no light perception

Fourth month - July 2018

Magnet belt tight-spaces and daily frame-early base

Insights with mom July 25, 2018

-Charna's mom provides in-sights into her feelings about the belt cane. She feels Charna has more confidence when she wears it. She worries when Charna "bangs" it on other people's furniture, and she feels like Charna doesn't need it yet for stairs.


New tight-spaces cane July 25, 2018

-In June, the family showed us many videos of how Charna was able to easily undo the magnet connection. This video shows the new tight-spaces cane. She can no longer separate frame from belt.

A little sisterly roughhousing July 25, 2018

-Charna's sister enjoys teasing Charna. Charna does not seem to mind it either. Moving about her home she engages with everyone, but she is able to freely and safely move about on her own.

Sidewalk lesson  July 25, 2018

-During Charna's early education teacher's house visit, she uses the opportunity to include the belt cane in her outside exploration. This video shows how Charna moves up and down stairs with a guide when not wearing her belt cane.

Close the door  July 25, 2018

-This evening was filled with fun. The sisters are running through the house. Charna twice goes in her sister's room and shuts the door. She argues over the sound of the siren. They say an ambulance and she insists its a fire truck. Her mom mentioned Charna's twirling, it appears intentional to me, she uses it briefly and moves on, not just same twirl whole time.

Playful spinning  July 29, 2018

-Charna spins 360 in the kitchen wearing her belt cane talking to herself. We may worry this is a maladaptive behavior. Positive signs: she responds to items on the floor. When she falls down (typical result of becoming dizzy), she calls for her dad. When he responds, she goes to him. Then she does her next favorite thing, goes in a room and closes the door.