Charna is blind with no light perception

Fifth month - August 2018

Walk to park experiment: Daily, tight-spaces, & none

Daily frame August 24, 2018

-Charna's walk to the park today is also a planned experiment. Her dad is going to observe her wearing the daily frame, tight spaces frame and walking without a frame. This first segment shows her walking with prompts, good pace, in need of directions.


Tight spaces frame August 24, 2018

-Charna's pace is altered by the tight spaces cane frame. The angle of the frame is suited for inside a home with smooth floors and few dangers. On the sidewalk, this frame does not perform as well as the daily frame.

No frame August 24, 2018

-Charna has learned to walk freely and continues to walk without the protection of the cane frame. However, she is talking less. Also, towards the end she keep repeating, "OK", "OK" - I think it is her way of saying -OK ready to put my cane back on please.

Return to daily frame August 24, 2018

-Charna resumes the walk to the park wearing the daily frame again. She does have to "fix" her cane several times, but she is capable of fixing it on her own. This video shows that walking while blind is not without incident, it is just that these incidents are less frequently direct body collisions.


Do not use tight spaces outside 8/24/18

-As expected, Charna was very unhappy moving about the rubber park mat wearing the tight spaces cane frame. The shorter cane frame gets in her way. She seeks dad's assistance to change it back to the daily frame.

Swinging August 24, 2018

-Charna is fully engaged in the swing. She is aware of where she is and what she is doing. Her feet are off the ground, but she is still grounded in the activity. Holding on, kicking her legs and connected to her dad.

Use tight space frame inside August 24, 2018

-Charna is spinning in the kitchen. She appears to search for her mom during the spin. After that she appears to just be spinning for fun. When she calls her mom "tati" dad, he calls her to come to him. She does. She hears her mom in the kitchen and goes to her, all the time chatting.

Cane frame as probe August 26, 2018

-Charna is moving about a family friend's home. We observe how she uses her cane frame to probe the furniture for more information. she also finds herself in the kitchen opening and closing a few cabinet doors. Then she moves on to go hug her mom. She is not stimming, she is learning.