Charna is blind with no light perception

Sixth month - September 2018

The sidewalk has a gate September 4, 2018

-Charna and her dad ride an elevator together. She boards the elevator with only verbal prompts. On the sidewalk, dad encourages Charna to walk on the subway grate and listen to the sound it makes.


Sunglasses and hugs September 4, 2018

-Charna is back at home in the front yard. She is greeted by mom who has new sunglasses for her. Charna takes them off almost immediately. They locate the step, but she appears to be ready to be finished.

Family time September 7, 2018

-The charm of the video is how mundane it all seems, a little girl moving about freely. Only Charna is blind and this easy movement is the result of consistently safe mobility . While she moves her cane off to the side for attention. She easily moves it back in position. She uses the cane to probe for walls and other objects around her.

Walking while daydreaming Sept 26, 2018

-Charna is carrying a toy while walking. This appears to interrupt her ability to concentrate on cane technique. However, when she takes a tumble, she asks for her toy. When she lets go of the toy, she again is able to control her cane frame.

Walking in the zoo September 26, 2018

-Charna is walking with her family through the Bronx zoo. She is like any two and a half year old, she doesn't want to hold hands. She wants independence and her dad and mom proudly encourage her to walk by herself.