Kai is completely blind

Before belt cane

Afraid to walk with a rolling stool

Kai does not want to walk. He can stand up and bear his weight. Yet, whenever he is asked to walk, he cries and attempts to resist all efforts to coax him to walk.


Unhappy walking assisted by dad

Kai is 33 months old. His two hands are held by his father. His father is encouraging him to put weight on his feet and walk while being guided from behind. Kai sounds unhappy, and his effort and mood do not improve even when his dad changes position.

Solitary play, jumping in play pin

Kai appears in a better mood. He is holding on to the sides of a play pen. He is standing inside the play pen and he is jumping up and down. He is not talking or interacting with anyone.

Physical therapist encourages walking

Kai stands in front and leaning against several mats. The physical therapist is slowly pushing the mats forward to encourage Kai to take a step. 

Kai is quiet, and in the video he does not take a step.

After belt cane