Charna is blind with no light perception

Twelfth month - March 2019

Chairs are not edible March 4, 2019

-Charna is moving about the kitchen. Her dad tries to get her to help clean up spilled milk. She appears to be mindlessly mouthing the high chair, but then she stops and repeats, "yuck, don't eat that, chairs are not edible." She seems excited to go outside on a walk.


Picking the best route March 4, 2019

-Charna is on her way to the park with her dad. Mid-point of video we see Charna respond to a rough patch of sidewalk by stopping, moving her cane frame to locate smooth sidewalk and changing direction. The crying child is not Charna or her sisters.

Old cane frame issues March 4, 2019

-Charna us moving about a rubber mat playground. She is using the cane frame that is not outmoded- for this reason. The new cane base has additional aluminum on the base to allow the frame base to glide more easily over rough surfaces.

Long day at the park March 4, 2019

-Charna has spent the day walking under her own steam to the park, in the park and is headed home. The remarkable part of these videos is truly how much she is free to figure out the world on her own. She moves about alone, she does not have to hold hands, sometimes its faster when she does. She's 3.

Jumping March 31, 2019

-Charna is jumping next to the bed. Her dad is encouraging her to jump. They are playing together. She is not stimming- she is interacting and connected to her dad and her joy is evident. She is jumping because she knows how to jump.

Climbing March 31, 2019

-Charna's gait, pace and independence is obvious. She hears open doors. She moves around, but ignores inconsequential items on the floor. She has a plan for locating and picking up items she wants. In the end, she asks to take off her cane, we see her begin to climb, we don't see her walking anywhere...