Charna is blind with no light perception

Final videos - June 2019

Fast pace guide June 14, 2019

-Charna walks well in guide with a family friend. She controls her cane when needed. Her pace is good and the path is straight. her attitude is good. She is part of the group headed to the park.

Cane base safety in guide June 14, 2019

-Charna is walking with her dad in guide. From the angle of his camera, it would appear that she is pulling her dad. As in so many other videos, the base of the cane prevents her from stepping on and bumping into obstacles when in guide.

           Path information in action.


Prefers a guide June 14, 2019

-Charna is in a noisy park with the family. Her dad is encouraging her to continue on the walk without guide. You can hear the music and crowd noise in the background. She holds up her hands and demonstrates she wants to continue walking with a guide. Good choice little one.