Charna is blind with no light perception

Eleventh month - February 2019

Just one of the sisters February 10, 2019

-Charna's dad is attempting to play with her, but Charna is in the kitchen with her mom and her two sisters. He does get her to jump when he asks her to. She mixes it up with her oldest sister, they pick on each other. Charna is also under her mom's feet, just like them.

Indoor O&M lesson February 15, 2019

-Charna is working with an O&M specialist. The instructor is following her lead. She hears her mom in the kitchen, she opens the fridge to take out items. The instructor struggles to get her to engage with her.


Indoor O&M lesson February 15, 2019

-Charna is working with an O&M specialist. The instructor is leading her in some pretend play. In the middle of the play, Charna moves her cane to behind her back. When she starts walking, the instructor asks her to fix her cane and she does. 

Dad comes home February 15, 2019

-Charna is working with an O&M specialist. She shows she is able to move her belt cane around to the back at will and for attention. Her dad comes home, she knocks on his door. She is engaged until she finds a toy and all but checks out. The plan is to put on shoes and go outside. 

Shoes on, down the stairs February 15, 2019

-Charna's dad uses clever activities to entice her to him to put on her shoes. She sits down to have her shoes put on. She stands up on her own and finds the stairs with voice prompts. He opts to have her descend without her belt cane.

Snow is cold/sei kalt February 15, 2019

-Charna and her dad walk around exploring the objects on the sidewalk.  She uses her cane as a probe. He trusts her to help herself. He encourages her to change direction away from what she fears. She speaks in Yiddish and English and she is on topic and engaged in a conversation with dad.

A bell ball for following February 15, 2019

-Charna's dad changes to the tight-spaces frame. Charna appears to be walking down the block alone, without any prompting. He connects with her to have her turn around. He uses a ball with a bell to help her follow him without voice prompts. It works well until he gives it to her to carry.

Throwing snowballs February 15, 2019

-Charna is encouraged by her dad and an O&M instructor to throw snowballs. This tandem lesson outing is a fun way to exchange ideas; the O&M learned about using bell balls and other great tactics dad has developed for Charna. The O&M shows how to extend snow concept to motor skill.

Navigating driveways February 15, 2019

-Charna's dad changes back to the daily frame. She is distracted by the bell ball. The O&M specialist interjects driveway concept and her dad extends and supports it.

Charna seems also to be anticipating the up step into her building. Dad encourages her to push the bell.

Upstairs without cane February 15, 2019

-Charna's dad helps her take off her coat, mostly by herself. She crawls up the first steps and he holds her hand to go up the stairs. At the top, he puts her cane on so she can go get a sip of water. She had asked for water when downstairs.