Five-year-old advocate

Aaron is a five-year-old boy who is using a hand-me-down belt cane that is too short. However and whatever the canes short comings are, wearing it improved his motor and affect.

Aaron (aka Buzzy) has CVI, field loss  and limited use of his right hand.

​Learning ability: He additionally has cognitive impairments. 

Why a belt cane: We tried a straight cane but he would often raise it and hit items with it.  We have found that "the safe toddles gives him so much more safety and as his balance improves, I know he will thrive. 

     His family was told by another professional that he wouldn’t be an independent traveler and not to address O&M. Although he may still need assistance with traveling for memory, etc , we totally believe that he is learning so much by having independent traveling versus us prompting him in using cane. 

    We also noted that his steps with the safe toddles cane were much faster and confident and less stimming with his hands.  We just adore him and we know that God has big plans for Buzzy!.