Matias has Leber's congenital amaurosis (LCA) blind with no light perception

After belt cane


March 6, 2020

Going to the Gymboree.

Matias is walking without holding a hand to the Gymboree. His parents have found fun ways to encourage him to follow them. They clap their hands, call happily and use lots of patience. Matias did it himself. Once inside, he asks to go back outside.

March 28, 2020

Playing catch with dad.   

Matias and his dad demonstrate their game of catch. They use the belt cane frame to help Matias know where the ball is for him to find and pick up. He got in a really good throw- that kid has an arm. 

Running is natural and fun.

Matias is walking with his family. On the sidewalk, he starts running. He isn't prompted or encouraged. He is running, because he likes to run. He is also learning that he needs to control his cane with his free hand for better results.

If at first you don't succeed...

Matias' cane indicates the shoreline (O&M term for line at surface change-for example: grass and concrete) and he reaches his right hand, doesn't find it. He tries again after cane again contacts shoreline, he moves his whole body so he can touch the wall.

Letting go on sidewalk.    

Matias is being encouraged to let go of his guides' hand during the walk. Letting go is as important to work on as it is difficulty to achieve. Hats off to the family for working on these important goals for Matias!