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Free Pediatric Belt Cane

Project Participants Encouraged to Join Both Projects

We are committed providing free belt canes to children! Two projects to choose from to obtain a free pediatric belt cane and access to the belt cane curriculum. 

Smart Belt Study

One Belt Cane ($200 value) plus $100 to

Test the Smart Belt 

Funded by the US Department of Education, the project tests the Smart Belt. Participants will receive one standard belt cane set at no cost and $75 for child participant who is blind/mobility visually impaired. 


Individuals help us test the smart belt cane

  • Current users are eligible parents of children who are blind or mobility visually impaired (ages 12-59 months) who are current belt cane users call 845-244-6600 or email us to request a letter of consent. 

  • New users sign up  by clicking button below - to complete the in-take form and submit signed letter of consent.

  • Individual testers (child wearing smart belt) will be compensated with $75

Agency testing sites

Financial compensation will be provided to the facility and the parents who participate in a one-day data collection event at your agency.

  • To be selected as a site, we need at least 5-10 children who are blind or mobility visually impaired (ages 12-59 months who will have worn belt canes for one month). For this event, we will need access to space at your facility that offers unobstructed walking (e.g., gym, hallway).

  • In addition to agency compensation, each individual tester (child wearing a smart belt) will be compensated $75

Safe Toddles Research Project

Pediatric Belt Canes for Usage Videos Until Child Outgrows Them

Safe Toddles seeks families and professionals to join our video library by contributing before and with belt cane videos. These videos assist in improving belt cane design, demonstrating outcomes to potential users and demonstrates the abilities of toddlers and preschoolers who are blind once they acquire consistently safe mobility.


Everyone who is obtaining a pediatric belt cane is encouraged to consider participating by submitting videos to us - families need you!

Obtain Pediatric Belt Cane

Order by 1PM Pediatric belt cane ships same day!

*Pediatric belt cane costs are currently being sold at a subsidized rate (first-time purchasers are encouraged to submit in-take form for belt cane size support) 


Schools and Agencies Pediatric Belt Cane Purchase

Safe Toddles is the sole source for pediatric belt canes. We accept purchase orders and will provide a price quote or any other paperwork needed by your school or agency before purchase of a pediatric belt cane. Please click on the button below to begin the process of obtaining pediatric belt canes for your students who are blind or mobility visually impaired. 

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