Our Toddler Cane team

We are a group of committed orientation and mobility and engineering professionals from The City University of New York. The amazing group of biomedical engineers work seamlessly together at Professor Marom Bikson's neural labs located at the Center for Discovery and Innovation on the City University of New York campus. Our diversity brings a wealth of energy, enthusiasm and brain power to the process of building and shipping these one-of-a kind canes around the world. Blind toddlers who wear canes stop their fear of walking and start confident exploring
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Grace Ambrose-Zaken

Director of Orientation and Mobility

Mohamad FallahRad

Lead Engineer

Marom Bikson

Director of Engineering

Engineering Staff

Carliza Canela
Samantha Cohen 
Nuha Shahin

Geri Shentolli 

Evan Singh  

Julianna Zgaljardic 

Toddler Cane Contributors
Ben Bokser
designed the very first 3D models.
Jacob Resnik
manufactured frame and plastic parts.
Henry Bernstein
designed the very first CDI prototypes.
Nataliedeana Badillo
hand-crafted belts, edited videos and made video collage.
Salman Shahabuddin
manufactured frame and 3D plastic parts and created manufacturing instructions for 3D plastic parts.
Matthew Heinlein
manufactured cane frame and 3D plastic parts.
Erica Kreisberg 
hand-crafts custom magnet belt and has also documented the belt-making process into manufacturing instructions.
hand-crafts custom cane frames.
Amilcar Malave
designs 3D models for creating the custom cane frames.
Caitlin Tsang
Fiyin Akinwumi
manufactures and assembles 3D plastic parts.
ZiJie Lin
manufactures and assembles 3D plastic parts.