Example lessons that include belt canes

Outside on bumpy sidewalk

The instructor focused on skills like responding to the information from the base of the cane and concept development.


Indoor concept lesson with TVI

-The early education teacher provides a lesson on concepts. Charna wears her cane during the lesson, because she wears her cane most of the day.

Indoor O&M lesson

-The O&M Specialist works on concepts of right and left, walking to places and to locate objects, and following directions.

O&M lesson with rear walker

-The O&M specialist is working with Marshall. The belt cane allows him to hold the rear walker with both hands and still have path information. We see that when he falls, the belt cane does not interfere with his body.

Leading pretend play

-The O&M specialist is leading a three-year-old through pretend play scenarios. In the middle of the lesson, Charna moves her cane to behind her back. When she starts walking, she shows she is capable of fixing her cane.