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Anopthalmia (left eye), Peter's Anomly & Micropthalmia (right eye)- child has no usable vision

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October 21, 2022 This video examines Brayden’s walking with a guide, a long cane, and his belt cane.


Brayden baseline walking prior to belt cane. He uses the wall and his teacher for support. He is not able to let go and walk independently.

Brayden walks glued to the wall. This leads to him bumping his head against the copier machine.

Brayden walking with a long cane. He is not able to independently use the long cane and therefore he does not have a mobility tool that enables him to walk independently with safety.


Brayden is seated and being shown the belt cane for the first time.

First time walking with the belt cane we see he is walking better; he navigates obstacles more quickly compared to the same obstacles when he is using his long cane.

Brayden is wearing the incorrect frame for walking outside on the sidewalk. Brayden and him mom easily reposition the frame, as needed.

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