Four-year-old advocate

Four year olds are ready to run, when they put on the belt cane, look out. The belt cane allows four-year-old boys and girls to make the connection between consistent tactile path information and safety. Wearing belt canes encourages long cane adoption.

Four year old boy walking wearing belt cane

Jojo is pictured with his back against the wall, he stopped chasing the remote controlled airplane toy after his wearable cane was removed. Jojo's video demonstrates his preference for consistent tactile path information. We see it in his eyes, his hands, his language and his play skills when wearing his cane.


Tactile path information improved his visual functioning

In one video, we hear his mom say this was the first time she had ever seen him run freely towards a toy. She stated that she and her husband had been trying, unsuccessfully, to get him to walk towards a toy since he learned to walk. In one of the after videos, he again struggles to visually locate his toy.

Margo (58 months) just got her belt cane!

Vision impairment:   

     She is blind, with no light perception.

Learning ability:

    Margo has global delays. She raised in an orphanage until about 5 months ago. She learns quickly. Her teachers and us still believe she has normal cognitive ability.


    Predominantly she rocks on her back, but she will climb on the couch some or she will sometimes crawl around and sit up to swing her arms between each crawl. That’s if she’s feeling very motivated that day.


Mom hopes for the belt cane, "will help her to start to move around. She needs to hold onto her walker to actually walk far and can't use a conventional cane. She has significant motor delays we are hoping this will assist in her overcoming those as well."