Who says blind kids don't run?

What are the benefits of belt canes?

Who needs belt canes?

Children five and younger with cortical visual impairment (CVI), optic nerve hypoplasia, or who are otherwise mobility visually impaired or blind need to wear their belt canes. Mobility visual impairment and blindness (MVI/B) robs children of visual path information. Wearable canes provide children with MVI/B with consistent tactile path information. Path information is essential for gaining confidence in one's next step. 

Usage guidelines: Children five and younger with MVI/B should wear their canes everyday, all day to enable free exploration and confidence in the path ahead.

How to obtain belt canes?

A free belt cane can be requested by family members. Early intervention, preschool or other service providers for children with mobility visual impairment and blindness (MVI/B) can also use purchase orders to obtain one or more wearable canes.