Ja'Leah is blind with no light perception

Crossing open space is harmful to children who are blind, because they lack both visual and tactile path information


Walking in a rolling toy that completely surrounds her body from the waist down. Her pace is quicker and she appears to be having fun, not realistic as a mobility device.

Walking open space signs of stress

Ja'Leah is blind (NLP) and her gait shows signs of stress. It is awkward, wide-based and her hands are held up above her waist. Her pace is slow and halting.

Ja'Leah's mobility devices before belt cane

Walking while pushing a wooden high chair. Her pace is slow, her weight is pushing forward. The difficulty with large objects is they are not realistic as a mobility device.

Walking holding her sister's hands. A guide walking behind creates an awkward falling gait. Also, in guide she has no independent path information. Human guide is not an effective mobility device. Human guide is an orientation tool, for example it is a faster and more efficient for walking a straight line.