Ja'Leah has no light perception


Crossing open space is the most stressful and impossible request made of children who have no path information

November 16, 2018 walking open space signs of stress

Ja'Leah is blind (NLP) she is willing to take a five steps before she trips slowly down the floor. Her gait is awkward, wide-based for support and her hands are held up for balance. Her pace is slow and halting. Ja'Lean demonstrates that walking is a stressful activity for a child with MVI/B who has no tactile path information.

Ja'Leah's mobility devices

Walking in a rolling toy that completely surrounds her body from the waist down. Her pace is quicker and she appears to be having fun, not realistic as a mobility device.

Walking while pushing a wooden high chair. Her pace is slow, her weight is pushing forward. The difficulty with large objects is they are not realistic as a mobility device.

Walking holding her sister's hands. A guide walking behind creates an awkward falling gait. Also, in guide she has no path information, not realistic as a mobility device.