Javier's Visual Impairment Due to

Optic Nerve Hypoplaisa (light perception only)

One minute video before & after 


Javier's progress! Walking ability before getting a belt cane and after one month of wearing his belt cane. Look ma' no hands!


July 24, 2019

twenty-month-old Javier

After two months wearing belt cane

    Walks freely in a mall. 

    Improved motor skills


Before belt cane

April 12, 2019

Seventeen-month-old Javier

Walks with assistance

Javier's twin brother is sighted and walks without assistance.

Walks with assistance

Wide-based gait

Slow, halting pace

Javier knows songs, counting games, and responds to his parents requests.

Walks with assistance

Wide-based gait

Slow, halting pace

Mohamad FallahRad, Safe Toddles' engineer, demonstrates how to measure for a cane and how to put the belt on.

Dr. Grace Ambrose-Zaken, COMS introduces pediatric belt cane to Javier.

Tapping cane frame provides Javier information the location, size and shape of the frame of the belt cane.

With belt cane

April 12, 2019

Javier walks his first twelve steps without assistance. 

Just add the belt cane...

Javier' parents are encouraged  to walk hand in hand for first pediatric belt cane steps.

Javier is learning to understand wall detection through his cane.

Javier's sighted twin is identical in looks, but his motor, language, concepts, and social skills are age-appropriate.

Javier encouraged to play and make noise with his belt cane frame.

Javier stands without assistance for almost a minute.

Wearing the cane with a guide, he walks more willingly, less stopping, faster pace and a narrower gait. Javier is gripping the belt cane frame with both his hands as he walks.

At the mall 

May 3, 2019

Javier is standing and banging all by himself.

Better balance in one-handed guide with his dad.

Javier remains upright after his belt cane frame contacts his brother.

Javier walks freely for a few steps

May 14, 2019

His brother is stopped in front of him, blocking his path.


Walking in guide with dad

His dad only has to hold on with one hand.

Javier has nice posture and gait, and can be heard chirping happily.

Javier crosses open space alone

July 24, 2019

Javier is encouraged to walk freely by his physical therapist.