Jaxon has tunnel vision

After belt cane

August 12, 2018

Climbing "Mt. Everest" wearing cane

Jaxon conquers "Mt. Everest"- a very steep driveway, wearing his cane. He gets lots of help from his mom and therapist. The wearable cane provides consistent tactile path information as they navigate this rough terrain.

Introducing new magnet belt cane

Dr. Grace Ambrose-Zaken stopped by to bring Jaxon his new belt cane. Prior to this he was using the bungee belt cane.  This shows how Jaxon moves without a mobility device. He maintains contact with furniture and people.

Instant action Jaxon

Jaxon puts the magnet belt cane on with the tight-spaces frame, which is recommended for level surfaces with lots of furniture. Mom shows him how he can turn 360 in hallway while wearing his belt cane.

Quick change to daily frame

Jaxon's mom demonstrates how to change between wearable cane frames. Jaxon moves about outside on paved surfaces. His mom explains the advantages he gets wearing it.

Tight spaces frame inside the home

Jaxon moves about his home wearing his tight-spaces cane frame. He is engaging with others, excited and full of fun.

Mom's take on belt cane benefits

Jaxon is moving about his driveway as his mom explains the positive changes she is seeing as a result of wearing his cane. As if on cue, when his belt cane is removed, he stops exploring.

Walking without belt cane

In the backyard, Jaxon climbs on his slide with mom's instructions. Without his cane he walks much slower and when he gets to the raised railroad tie that borders the rock garden he sits and stays put.

Running is his middle name

The black roadway is great contrast to Jaxon's white cane as he careens around his neighborhood setting the pace and the agenda for the day.

Sitting down wearing belt cane

Jaxon is wearing his cane while he sits on the sidewalk. He is trying to extend the amount of time outside. The Safe Toddles' wearable cane is not in his way.

One step up wearing daily frame

Jaxon's mom is able to convince him to return inside. We see her practice the stair technique to go up the one step into her home.

Misunderstanding Jaxon

Jaxon can be heard asking to "take it off"; Dr. Grace Ambrose-Zaken, COMS thought he was referring to the wearable cane. In later video clips his mom reveals that he doesn't like big watches on his teachers and is asking her to take the big watch off.

Enveloped by love and safe mobility Surrounded by family and therapists who love him, Jaxon is cheered on as he plays with the ball in the house wearing the tight spaces frame.