Jaxon's Visual Impairment is Due to Retinopathy of Prematurity (tunnel vision, nystagmus, myopia)



August 12, 2018

Thirty-month-old Jaxon walks a steep driveway, navigates rough terrain.

Without belt cane

When Jaxon walks without a mobility device. He maintains contact with furniture and people.

Jaxon's moves about  wearing his cane.

When his belt cane is removed, he stops exploring.

Slow pace

Sedentary play

With belt cane

Jaxon's mom demonstrates how to change between cane frames.

Jaxon's pace is much faster.

He moves constantly.

Jaxon moves about his home engaging with others, excited and full of fun.

Jaxon is running around his neighborhood setting the pace and the agenda for the day.

Sitting down wearing belt cane

One step up

Jaxon practices stair technique.

Jaxon can be heard asking to "take it off"; his mom explained that he doesn't like big watches.

Jaxon plays with the ball in the house.