Jojo's Visual Impairment is Due to

Optic Nerve Hypoplasia


September 5, 2017

The belt cane stays forward running

Jojo runs at will at 1:18 big smile

Without belt cane

September 5, 2017

"Did his vision suddenly get better?"

Jojo's mom discusses the changes she saw when Jojo wore the belt cane.


With belt cane

Jojo has faster pace after donning his belt cane.

Moving about figuring the belt cane out.

Jojo plays with a remote control airplane.

The belt cane stays forward running

Jojo is playing with a remote control airplane on a busy street. Jojo traverses up/down curbs.

Jojo is not ready to stop the fun and go inside.

When asked if he wanted to take off his cane, "Hey, I'm going to keep it on!" and then wins the running race back to Hunter College and successfully goes through revolving doors.

Jojo adapts his play to include cane.

Jojo's mom asks, "Is his vision suddenly better?"

She is looking for the reason Jojo was suddenly able to run and easily reach out and grab toys on the ground.

Jojo's mom, stated that he has never been able to directly walk up to/run up to a toy, reach down and and pick it up the way he has been playing all afternoon.

The project team discusses how different Jojo's visual functioning was with and without the pediatric belt cane. Everyone saw the same thing, Jojo appeared to use his vision better when wearing his belt cane.