Jojo has optic nerve hypoplasia

After belt cane


September 5, 2017

"Did his vision suddenly get better?"

Jojo's play skills improved wearing the bungee belt cane. He ran towards a remote control airplane. His mom is heard asking why he is suddenly seeing better. Because, he had never done that before. He only runs when he wears the cane.

He walks faster

Jojo has been testing prototype wearable canes all summer. To him, he is just playing with his favorite toy. To us, we are having our first successful bungee belt cane trial.

Moving about figuring it out

Jojo plays with the remote control airplane as Dr. Ambrose-Zaken makes introductions. Dr. Greg Santamoor Dir. NYC Education Vision Services and Mohamad FallahRad, Safe Toddles' lead .

The belt cane stays forward

Jojo exits Hunter College and the wearable cane stays in position. Watch as the tips get pulled from one side to the next and always return to the forward position.

Remote out-of-control airplane

New Yorkers playing with a remote control airplane on the corner of Park Ave and E68th St. Jojo moves easily up/down curbs and turning on the cement sidewalk.

Wish I could play all day

Dr. Grace Ambrose-Zaken, COMS trying to convince Jojo to come back inside Hunter College and play in the air conditioned hallways. He is not ready to stop the fun and go inside.

"Hey, I'm going to keep it on!"

Mohamad FallahRad asked Jojo if he wanted to take off his cane, on the video Jojo clearly says he wants to keep his cane. After that, he wins the race back to Hunter College. We use the revolving doors to get back inside

In the hallways of Hunter College, Dr. Grace Ambrose-Zaken interacts with Jojo and the remote controlled airplane. Jojo working to be understood so he can control his plane.

Mom asks, "Is his vision better?" Jasmine, Jojo's mom, asks if Dr. Grace Ambrose-Zaken has seen other cases of kids with ONH whose vision gets better. Jasmine is looking for the reason Jojo was suddenly able to run and easily reach out and grab toys on the ground.

He's never done that before

Jojo's mom, states that he has never been able to directly walk up to/run up to a toy, reach down and and pick it up the way he has been playing all afternoon.

Confirming we all saw same thing

Jasmine, Sahar (project associate) and Dr. Grace Ambrose-Zaken,COMS discuss how different Jojo's visual functioning was with and without the pediatric belt cane. Everyone saw the same thing, Jojo appeared to use his vision for fun when he wore the belt cane.