Learn More About Pediatric Belt Canes

Learning from Lily: Growing up Mobility Visually Impaired
Lily was born in 2012 with optic nerve hypoplasia. She received early cane instruction, rectangular cane instruction and lots of love and support from her family. Lily's experiences help us learn three lessons
The history of orientation and mobility for children who are blind and visually impaired: A rationale for the pediatric belt cane (aka toddler cane)
Comparing 100 steps cane arc coverage of 3-year-old using her long cane and when wearing her belt cane
A very brief history of long, white canes and mobility tools for walking with a visual impairment

Video of presentation on pediatric belt canes (aka toddler canes)

Invision courses mobility for toddlers who are blind and visually impaired and teching wearable toddler cane mobility



Grace Veronica Ambrose-Zaken, Mohamad Fallahrad, Henry Bernstein, Robert

Wall Emerson, & Marom Bikson. (2019). Wearable Cane and App System for Improving Mobility in Toddlers/Pre-schoolers With Visual Impairment. Frontiers in Education, 4, Frontiers in Education, 01 May 2019, Vol.4.


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renwick center podcast episode 15 Grace Ambrose - Wha is a wearable cane?
Portland State O&M podcast: On the go SPED 510 episode 06; Dr. Grace Ambrose Zaken

Compare her hands

Four pictures showing 3-year-old girl who is blind walkig, her hands are held above her waist, taught fingers, arched wrists.