Toddler canes make   everyday Independence Day

Blindness and mobility visual impairment do not have to cause motor skill delays.

Maddox smiling, hands grasp the top of the wearable cane.
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Wearing canes most of the day dramatically improves the outcomes of children five and younger
and blindness
with mobility visual impairment

Early intervention providers and families

The wearable Toddler Cane can be requested by family members, early intervention, preschool or other service providers for children with mobility visual impairment and blindness (MVI/B). Path information is a vital life force. Children with MVI/B move about with confidence when they wear their Toddler Canes for path information most of the day.


Who needs a wearable cane? Children with cortical visual impairment (CVI), optic nerve hypoplasia, any child five and younger who is mobility visually impaired or blind.

Two year old visually impaired, wearing sunglasses, walking outside wearing her cane.
three year old boy visually impaired throws a ball with both hands, he is wearing his cane

 Example: Matias showed a preference to hold on to an object or person to move in open space.

Toddler Cane benefits

  • Adults easily integrate wearable canes into structured and unstructured activities.

  • Toddlers with MVI/B obtain independent tactile feedback about the path ahead: such as "clear path", "blocked path", "elevation change".

  • Learners with MVI/B, who wear their canes most of the day, gain confidence with consistent path information and improve in motor, concepts, language and social skills.

Matias is now able to cross open space - hands free!

Orientation and mobility plus engineering

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In the news

Over 200 CBS affiliates including the 24-hour CBSN broadcast carried the story of the Toddler Cane.
cbsn newscaster introduces story new device aids visually-impaired toddlers
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Dr. Max Gomez WCBS-TV medical reporter was the first to report on this innovation on the long, white cane.
max gomez introduces the segment on CBS News Health watch
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   Dr. Gomez reported, “The Toddler Cane is a deceptively simple and ingenious device… giving kids with visual impairment back their mobility so they can explore their world, and that’s how kids learn.” 

Support the mission

lea wears her cane, one hand holding the cane, one hand waving
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Children with MVI/B need vital life saving force of path information. It is recommended that they wear their cane most of the day. It is urgent that wearable canes get to children who cannot see the path ahead to avoid obstacles. Safe Toddles is a 501(c)(3) all donations support our mission to build and donate wearable canes. Please help by supporting the mission improve the developmental outcomes of these children.