Margo is blind

Before belt cane

Rear walker mobility practice

Margo can stand, but she doesn't walk across open space. She is blind and the rear walker is being used to provide her with a means of support as she learns to take steps.

Solitary play on the couch

Margo is having her free time on the couch. She is moving some, but mostly stays in one location on the couch. 

An office chair for walking practice

Margo's therapists have made an office chair into a therapy tool. They allow her to lean on it and help her move her feet for walking. Margo's affect seems to reject this game.

After belt cane

Walking without any supports, just a wall

Margo's mom was pleased to send this video that demonstrated her improvement in walking. She is now able to walk with holding on to a wall.

We are so eager to get news of how it is going with the belt cane!

Walking with rear walker and belt cane

First few steps with the belt cane and the rear facing walker are slow and halting. Belt canes provide information about the path ahead. The pace may change due to the need to process this information.

Walking with guide and belt cane

Margo is holding onto the hand of a therapist. She is wearing her belt cane and she is getting information about the path ahead. This information changes as she moves and objects move. Path information is essential

Walking with her walking facing forward

Margo's mom indicated that they were having difficulty with the belt staying connected to the frame. The reason is that belt and frame are not well matched. The fix is to add padding between the magnet holder and the belt to reduce the distance. In the meantime, she is walking with her walker.