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Tip: Continue to use gait trainer, when recommended

January 2, 2019 first steps wearing his cane
This is the first time, Patti Shannon, O&M specialist, has included the wearable Toddler Cane in her lesson with Marshall. In the video, she explores how to best support Marshall (also without his gait trainer).  He walks with hands up in high guard, until the cane contacts the mat, the path information appears to cause a reaction; both hands move very fast and almost clap with excitement and anticipation. Marshall repeats the word "circle" several times and then he says, "we're going to do circle--". video ends.
January 2, 2019 sitting in circle time
Marshall sat comfortably during circle time. He was wearing his Toddler Cane as the group sang. Although he is not able to stand up and walk on his own, at the moment, the wearable cane let's him know that he has the path information he needs to start his journey.
February 21, 2019 O&M lesson with gait trainer
Marshall wears his cane during an orientation and mobility as he practices using a gait trainer to walk to his next activity. Patti, the O&M specialist, uses hand on hand to help him use the gait trainer for balance. She gives him plenty of time to advance towards his goal. We hear Marshall use his clicks to let Patti know he is glad to be moving and standing with path information.
February 21, 2019
Marshall appears to be reaching down and exploring his cane with both hands. He is seen using two hands on bookcase for balance, walking with assistance moving his feet. This is a nicely paced lesson for him. Allowing a child to stand still helps them learn how to balance against one's natural sway. After discussions we agreed that the Toddler Cane should enhance gait trainer work as well.