Your Gift to Safe Toddles Benefits Blind Toddlers

Help Safe Toddles give children who are blind the freedom of independent mobility.

Toddlers who are blind surpass all expectations, when they wear their canes all day, everyday.

100 Percent of Your Donation Helps in these Ways

three-year-old boy wearing dark glasses due to his cortical visual impairment holds the handles of his pediatric belt cane that extends in front of him on a gravel road.

  • ​A gift of $ 10 to $180 provides materials for one custom cane, shipping and/or educational materials

  • A gift of $180 provides a complete belt cane to a toddler who is blind

  • A gift of $1,200 to $6,500 can support support an entire school for the blind.

Donate online using the secure form above

OR you can send a check to: Safe Toddles, 1491 Suite 44, Fishkill, NY 12524

two year old girl who is blind due to optic nerve hypoplasia stands in the middle of a paved road that is deserted on a sunny day. She wears a crown, a red sash that reads "Miss Belle of Texas" and her pediatric belt cane. She is blowing a kiss the the viewer.
one-year-old boy who is blind is seen from the side view. He is walking down a university hallway wearing his pediatric belt cane, his hands grip the handle and he has a binkie in his mouth.