Donor support enriches the lives of blind babies.

Three-year-old girl, blind walking independently dressed in bright matching skirt, shirt, shoes and hair ribbon. She is also wearing her belt cane, one hand on either side - working it.
two year old girl who is blind stands happily on a sidewalk, independently walking (not holding a hand) - wearing her belt cane.
two year old with tunnel vision, big smile walking down the street independently, shirt reads "wins start here" wearing belt cane both hands tightly grasping the cane frame.

Help Safe Toddles give children who are blind the freedom of independent mobility.

A gift of $ 20 provides shipping and educational materials.

A gift of $ 35 improves our ability to reach out to special schools and families.

A gift of $ 65 provides needed replacement parts.

A gift of $ 90 gets us half way to a cane.

A gift of $180 to purchase a complete pediatric belt cane for a child on our waiting list.

 Donate online or by sending a check/money order to Safe Toddles, 1491 Suite 44, Fishkill, NY 12524.


Where does my donation go?

Safe Toddles has a growing waiting list of families who need wearable canes and 97% of all donations are used to build, ship and encourage adoption of this new innovation.

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We are asking for your help to provide safe mobility to blind children who are ready to toddle, walk and run.


Safe Toddles provides “belt canes” so these children, who cannot see a clear path in front of them, can move freely on their own. 

Malina is one of these children. She was born blind.


Before receiving her belt cane she would only walk along walls.


Wearing her belt cane she is now confident enough to walk in open areas!

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Families tell us that they can't believe their eyes when they see how much and how fast their children are able to move because of their belt canes. Before belt canes they had to be carried or pushed in a stroller, now wearing their belt canes they can keep up with the group and they are eager to explore their world.

It's easy, convenient and makes a difference all year long!

Your monthly gift, whatever the size, will make a big impact. It will provide families with the opportunity to have quick access to this vital safe mobility tool that enables independence.


Independent walking is fundamental to learning as walking infants having significantly larger vocabularies than their age‐matched peers who are not yet walking.


Joining Team Safe Mobility is easy! Make your gift online. If you are using a credit card, please check "monthly donation" on the PayPal form.

Do you know a toddler who needs a cane?

Families and professionals who want to request free Pediatric Canes can complete the online form.