One-year-old belt cane users

One-year-old toddlers with mobility visual impairment and blindness can begin wearing belt canes. Belt canes allow them to learn to walk with confidence in their ability to explore freely. 

one year old girl walking with belt cane.

Alilah (17 months) was walking alone prior to obtaining her first set of Safe Toddles' pediatric belt canes. She has some functional vision. She exhibits outward signs of stress when asked to cross open space without assistance.


After a month of wearing her cane, her pace quickened and she appeared motivated to explore the mall unprompted, which caused her mother to nickname her "Miss Independent" because when she called her to come, instead she turned to run in the opposite direction.

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one year old boy walking with belt cane.

Javier (17 months) was not walking alone prior to obtaining his first pediatric belt cane. He has a twin brother who is fully sighted and able to walk, run, and has energy to spare.

Javier took his first independent steps fifteen minutes after putting on a belt cane for the first time. His family has sent several videos showing his progress two and three months later.

One-year-old on waiting list

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Damien (20 months) is not walking alone yet. He is currently using a rear facing walker. His mom said, "The walker is strictly to assist with confidence and to help build strength in his legs. He can walk with someone's hand and without the walker but he seems to be more fearful then."

He has Norries Disease and has minimal peripheral vision only.

His mom told us he also has delays in speech and motor skills.

His family would like him to have a belt cane "To ensure safety and confidence and create independence. We also believe getting hm to walk will increase his development on other levels."