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Javier's Visual Impairment Due to Optic Nerve Hypoplaisa (light perception only)

One Minute Video (Before & After)

Javier's progress! Walking ability before getting a belt cane and after one month of wearing his belt cane. Look ma' no hands!

Featured Video

July 24, 2019
twenty-month-old Javier
After two months wearing belt cane. Walks freely in a mall. Improved motor skills


April 12, 2019
Seventeen-month-old Javier
Walks with assistance.
Javier's twin brother is sighted and walks without assistance.

Walks with assistance
Wide-based gait
Slow, halting pace

Javier knows songs, counting games, and responds to his parents requests


Just add the belt cane...
Javier' parents are encouraged to walk hand in hand for first pediatric belt cane steps.

Javier stands without assistance for almost a minute.

Dr. Grace Ambrose-Zaken, COMS introduces pediatric belt cane to Javier.

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