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Caleb Surprises Everyone!

This video captures the first time Caleb, a two and a half year old with severe visual impairment and challenged with balance difficulty due to missing semi-circular canals, put on his toddler cane and immediately took his first five steps without support.

Caleb's first 5 steps taken unsupported surprised his mother and therapists so much they all broke out in tears of joy.

Caleb is also shown proudly carrying a basketball down the hall. His therapist maintains contact with his shirt, yet he appears to be supporting his ambulation.

Caleb changes in front of our eyes and ears as he becomes more focused and active in his surroundings. The final scene shows him impulsively (like a 2 year old) hopping off a bench to chase after a giant red ball.

The positive results documented in this video; are what occurs when toddlers with visual impairment wear their white cane which provides them with safe mobility, an essential element vital to achieving developmental milestones.

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