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Join Team Safe Mobility


Dear Team Safe Mobility:

Blindness is a low incidence, high need disability. Toddlers who are blind need safe mobility to thrive. Even as you read this, teachers and parents are feeling helpless as they watch their blind toddlers collide with unseen obstacles without warning.


Safe Toddles’ research shows, blind toddlers avoid walking independently to prevent these painful accidents. Wearing belt canes stops the collisions and starts the learning.

We need your help. Toddlers who are blind and mobility visually impaired need pediatric belt canes. To make sure they have the belt canes they must have, we need the steady support of Team Safe Mobility monthly donors. And we’re looking for 150 new Team Members to sign up this year.


Start a monthly gift today to Safe Toddles so we can send pediatric belt canes to blind toddlers tomorrow.


When you start a Team gift, you will be joining a community of monthly donors who make a concrete difference throughout the year. With a monthly donation we can do more for toddlers who are blind.


We would deeply appreciate any level of donation you are able to give. Safe Toddles is a 501(c)(3) organization making all donations tax deductible.


Please ask us any questions you may have about Safe Toddles. One of our Board members or I will be quick to respond.




​Grace Ambrose-Zaken

President and CEO