Three-year-old advocates

Three-year-old preschoolers with mobility visual impairment and blindness take to wearable canes like ducks to water. 

Three year old walking wearing belt cane

Akira is blind and has significant developmental delays functioning at one year old on Oregon scale. Before belt cane she spent time sitting down, not learning.

She took to the wearable cane like a duck to water. She did not want to take it off, ever. She began learning, and hasn't stopped.

three year old girl walking wearing belt cane.

Audrina has mobility visual impairment but her teachers ask her to hang her long cane up when she is in her classroom. When using the long cane, she was frequently reminded to move her cane and keep it in front of her. This series of videos shows the day she the Toddler Cane project came to her town.

Audrina asked to wear the cane the rest of the day and she asked to wear it home. She wore it at home and back to school for the rest of the week. she continued to wear her cane long after the project team had gone.

Léa has cortical visual impairment. She was the first ever tester of wearable canes. She tested all of the major wearable cane prototypes.

Léa's posture, pace and gait improved when wearing the different versions of the wearable cane. For Léa, it was enough for her to finally have path information she could count upon; but for her family and us it was important to get the design right. Léa's wearable cane allowed her to stop wearing IFOs and restrictive garments meant to improve her posture and gait.

Three year old boy walking wearing belt cae and a walker

Marshall has a mobility visual impairment and he also has significant cognitive and motor disabilities. Marshall walks with support. He wears his cane during his assisted walking with his orientation and mobility specialist.

Three year old girl walking wearing belt cane

Avery has a mobility visual impairment and has significant cognitive and motor disabilities. She finds walking very stressful and unhappy. She does tolerate wearing the cane  and is wearing it for longer periods of time each day.

Three-year-old on waiting list

waiting list.JPG

Reeti (36 months) is not walking alone yet. She walks with assistance or crawls when prompted.

Vision: She has cortical visual impairment (CVI): Vision therapy is on going.

Play: Plays with kitchen vessels like spoon, tumbler etc.

Learning ability: She understands our emotions but she seems very moody. She responds to us only when she is interested.

Reeti's family would like her to have a belt cane "To give her confidence on walking by herself."