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Léa's Visual Impairment is Due to
Cortical Visual Impairment

One Minute Video (Before & After)

Featured Video

January 29, 2019
Walking outside, Avery appears to respond to belt cane feedback about the dip in the sidewalk.


December 19, 2016
Léa is seen using her long cane. The cane tip is not checking the path ahead of either foot. The tip is too far wide or off the ground.
Slow pace
Poor posture
halting gait

March 2, 2017
Léa is walking with a push toy. Her gait, posture and pace better using a push toy, but temporary.

Léa walks with homemade rectangular cane, that is too big for her.


September 5, 2017
Léa walks the mobility device obstacle course with her long cane and pediatric belt cane.

April 5, 2018
O&M lesson with belt cane

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