Videos of Two-Year-Old Boys and Girls Before and With Belt Canes

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FEATURED VIDEO   November 3, 2019

Thirty-month-old Kavish

Vision: cortical visual impairment

Motor: Recently started to walk with assistance

Learning: He knows simple instructions: 'hi five', 'close your eyes', and he recognizes his name.

During solo play, he lies down and does cyclic movements with legs.

When seated he fiddles with fingers. 

Request belt cane so that he can walk with confidence and he gets less hurt.

Alexander (29 months) is blind and has traumatic brain injury due to shaken baby syndrome. He is beginning to walk with a gate trainer. If left to walk on his own, he will stand and take a few steps forward or backward.

Vision: Blind.

Play: seated, solitary, repetitive.

Learning ability: Difficulty due to his brain injury and has developmental delays as well.


Kai (33 months) can sit up and stand but is not walking without support yet.

Vision: Completely blind.

Play: Sit and play will stand with support and jump

Learning ability: developmentally delayed.

Reason for belt cane "His vision therapist is trained in teaching with this cane and highly suggested it. She believes it will help him be more confident in walking without support.."

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Two-year-old boys on waiting list