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Caeden's Cortical Visual Impairment is
Due to Traumatic Brain Injury

One Minute Video (Before & After)

April 6, 2021
Caeden climbing stairs with his belt cane.

Featured Video

April 6, 2021
Caeden asking to put his cane back on after falling. He was working on stairs with his belt cane. Caeden feels safer and is more confident with it on, because he can't trust his vision.


December 5, 2020
Mom wrote, "Prior to the belt cane he would literally trip over the joint lines on the concrete just because there was a color change in the floor.

He is crawling in our kitchen, before belt cane was a typical response, because he felt much more confident crawling than walking.

Mom described Caeden's gait at home before belt cane as "jerky" and his spirit shines so bright-inspiring us all to keep going for our goals.


January 5, 2021
Caeden is twenty-five months old.
His first time wearing his belt cane.

February 5, 2021
Walking in Lowe's with belt cane. Him mom wrote, "The Safe Toddles belt cane has given him so much more confidence to be able to just WALK."

Standing up. Caeden wears an AFO on his right foot and a SMO on his left foot, and nothing stops Caeden from achieving his goals!
He beats the odds every day of his life!

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