Safe Toddles Podcast Co-Host Kelvin Crosby goes Tik Tok Viral!

Safe Toddles’ podcast co-host, Kelvin Crosby aka DeafBlind Potter, has 218,000 Tik Tok Followers and 3.4 million likes on his videos that he shares on that platform. He has several videos on Tik Tok that have gone viral- meaning hundreds of thousands of likes. The number of likes and followers enables Kelvin, Kel, to air live videos of him throwing pots. His handmade pottery business has really taken off as well.

He told us that much of his success comes from telling the truth about the inaccessibility of the Tik Tok platform to people like him. He was born with Usher's Syndrome Type II. He was profoundly deaf at birth. His progressive vision loss began to impact his use of vision in his late teens, early 20s and continues to decrease.