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How to Begin Using the Pediatric Belt Cane

Lessons learned introducing Belt Canes to a two-year-old

a. Have confidence

b. Have a plan

c. Keep trying, they will get it!

find toy under chair 1.JPG

Goal: Wear the Belt Cane all day, every day.


For children who are blind or visually impaired the Pediatric Belt Cane is essential. The child puts on the Belt Cane in the morning and wears it till bedtime. 

Charna is blind. Wearing her cane she locates a toy.

Adults provide Belt Canes to children as young as 11 months. Adults use the Belt Cane to help their blind children stand on their own and when holding their hands to practice walking.

Young children sometimes cry when introduced to new things. Adults can help them accept positive new things.


Pediatric Belt Cane Curriculum Lesson on Introducing the Belt Cane

Charna's cane pushes the toy under the chair.
find toy under chair 2.JPG
find toy under chair 3.JPG

Be confident in your choice to provide the belt cane to your child.

Adults know what is best to keep children safe. The belt cane is a safety device as it prevents bodily harm.     

Charna tries to reach the toy, it rolls further under the chair.


Make putting on the belt cane about what's next "we're going to go find your favorite toy. It helps to be very specific, name the toy, the room, the location and the specific activity."



  • Come here to me

  • Let's go to the toy shelf and get the puzzle

  • Let's go get ice cream in the kitchen freezer

Charna locates the toy with her foot.
find toy under chair 4.JPG

Ideas for Beginning with the Belt Cane

find toy under chair 5.JPG


When you first put the belt cane on the child, you just add the Belt Cane to current activities.

  • You can continue to guide the child.

  • The child can just stand still.

  • When walking your child can continue to hold hands at high guard, holding the cane frame 

Charna is able to reach the toy with her hand.


Show child the benefit of wearing the Belt Cane.

  • Tap the cane frame.

  • Help the child find and bump into things with it, bang it against walls, find people, toys, carpet, floors anything. 


  • Provide rewards through fun and action.

Charna gets the toy herself.
find toy under chair 6.JPG


This age group responds well to distraction.

  • Distract the child with toys and activities.

  • When the frame of the Belt Cane locates objects say,

  • "Hey, let's see what you found." Name the object, help the child touch it. 

Charna explores the big city.
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