Our Belt Cane Team

    Our diversity brings a wealth of energy, enthusiasm and brain power to the process of promoting, building and shipping these one-of-a kind canes around the world.  Our wish is that toddlers who are blind or visually impaired can wear their belt canes to stop being afraid of walking and start feeling confident enough to explore and learn.

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Grace Ambrose-Zaken

Director of Orientation and Mobility

Headshot Mohamad FallahRad, brown suit jacket, salt/p, blue button-down shirt, brown tie

Mohamad FallahRad

Lead Engineer

Marom Bikson

Chief Engineer

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group shot founders and BMEs behind the
group shot founders and BMEs behind the

Engineering Staff

Osagie Oriakhi
Samantha Cohen 
Nuha Shahin

Geri Shentolli 

Evan Singh  

Julianna Zgaljardic

Benny Zaken

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Outreach Staff

Lindsey Thompson

Jean-Luc Choiniere

Pediatric Belt Cane Contributors
Ben Bokser
Jacob Resnik
Henry Bernstein
Salman Shahabuddin
Matthew Heinlein
Nataliedeana Badillo
Carliza Canela
Erica Kreisberg 
Amilcar Malave
Caitlin Tsang
Fiyin Akinwumi
ZiJie Lin