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How to Put on the Belt

close belt fastner

Place the belt around the child's hips until the mushroom head fasteners are opposite each other. Tightly pinch the ends together and continue to press all touching areas together to make a strong seal. 

How to close the belt for proper fit?

size belt

  • At proper fit, the squares of mushroom head fasteners connect half way.


  • There is room to cinch belt half an inch wider or half an inch tighter. 

How to attach belt to cane frame?

**An adult attaches the belt to the cane frame

attach belt to cane


Connect the belt and cane frame by clicking the magnets in place.  Put the belt around the child at the hip level and push the mushroom head fastener squares together.


First put the belt around the child at hip level and push the mushroom head fastener squares together. Then connect the belt and cane frame by clicking the magnets in place.

  • Should we introduce the belt without the cane frame, first?
    No, the child receives no benefit from just wearing the belt. The cane frame is the benefit of wearing the belt cane. Introduce the belt and cane frame at the same time. ​ It may help to introduce the cane frame first. Have the child hold the frame with two hands and push in front. This helps demonstrate the purpose of the cane frame to the child and perhaps ease the transition to then clicking the frame into the magnets- "it protects you and you don't have to hold it".
  • How do you separate the magnet from the belt?
    An adult can release the magnet by pushing one corner of the black magnet socket away from the magnet.
  • What to do when the child can take cane frame off?
    Check belt closure recommendations (sizing). The belt fits when the end of the belt is half way on the mushroom head fastener. ​II. If the belt fits well, but still separates? Answer: the belt cane frame may be too wide for the child. A temporary fix is to add soft material between in between the magnet port and the belt to reduce the need of the elastic to stretch to connect to the magnet port.

The Complete Pediatric Belt Cane Set

is Two Frames One Belt

two frames
Regular Frame.jpg
ball bearings.png

The standard cane frame provides a two-step preview of the path ahead. The standard cane frame is intended to be worn in most of the time.

The tight spaces frame is 10% shorter and the base is shaped to prevent catching on furniture. This tight spaces cane frame is intended to be worn inside areas without stairs.

change frames

Example of changing tight spaces to daily frame

Standard frame is perfect for school use

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