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Title: Special Cane Developed for Young Children wit Visual Impairments CBSNY newstory picture of Jorge 3 1/2 wearing his pediatric belt cane outside on a sidwalk holding his father's hand.
Over 200 CBS affiliates including the 24-hour CBSN broadcast carried the story of the Pediatric Belt Cane aka Toddler Cane.
cbsn newscaster introduces story new device aids visually-impaired toddlers

   Dr. Gomez WCBS-TV reported, “The Toddler Cane is a deceptively simple and ingenious device…" giving kids with visual impairment their mobility so they can learn.” 

max gomez introduces the segment on CBS News Health watch

WDBJ Channel 7 story

lea wears her cane, one hand holding the cane, one hand waving
Title: Special cane allows local girl, who is blind, to conquer anything she wants by Elizabeth Tyree & Kari Beal - Tuesday, July 24th 2018; Dr. Grace Ambrose-Zaken orientation and mobility specialist Amherst Co., VA (WSET)--A new specially designed cane is helping a local toddler with a disability to be just like any other kid who loves to play, jump, and climb. Madison is two-and-a-half-years-old and loves to climb and these days she's conquering more than just heights.
Back cover of Crain's New York magazine shows three-year-old girl with visual impairment wearing a belt cane, holding her doll, walking towards a pair of adult legs. Reads A way forward.

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FIRST LOOK: Breakthroughs and trends in the world of technology: Assistive Technology: Baby Gait, American Society for Engineering Education, Prism Vol. 27, No. 8, SUMMER 2018

CUNY website banner shows three-year-old girl who is visually impaired running wearing her belt cane. text reads Life-changing research at CUNY CBS New York highlights professors' invention that helps vision-impaired toddlers walk --even run--safely
three-year-old girl back to camera appears to be entering a playground her belt cane has fallen off the sidewalk to show exactly where she needs to step down.
three-year-old girl visually impaired wearing belt cane is running and smiling her shirt reads Love