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How to Measure for a Pediatric Belt Cane

The fit of the pediatric belt cane needs to be exact. For best outcomes, the waist belt needs to fit snuggly. The frame length is measured to the child's shoulder.

Measuring diagram Four shadow figures starting from Left Infant labels read height: 20-33, hip: 6, waist: 17-19; Toddler height: 26-33, hip: 7, waist: 19-21; Preschooler height: 28-37, hip: 8, waist: 21-23; School-aged Child height: 30-37, hip: 9, waist: 23-25


Cane length is based on a child's shoulder height

Measure floor to shoulder


Use a ruler to obtain hip width.

Measure number of inches hip to hip 


Use a measuring tape to obtain circumference

Avoid measuring over bulky clothing results in wrong waist measurement.

Javi stands still

Nobody has ever said measuring a toddler was easy. However, this video shows how easy it can be with a child who stands perfectly still.

Charna moves about

-Mohamad shows the method for measuring a squirming toddler girl. The method is to wait for your moment and be ready with the measuring tape

size 6 hip, Small waist  17in, medium 18in, large 19 inches height small small 21-23, small 24-26, medium 27-29, large 30-32. Size 7 hip size 6 hip, Small waist  19in, medium 20in, large 21 inches; height small 26-28, medium 28-30, large 31-33; size 8 hip Small waist  21in, medium 22in, large 23 inches; height small 28-30, medium 31-33, large 34-36; size 9 hip Small waist  23in, medium 24in, large 25 inches; height small 30-32, medium 33-35, large 36-38
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