How to Measure a Child for a Pediatric Belt Cane

Cane length is based on a child's shoulder height
26 inches
Height: floor to shoulder
Belt size is based on to measures 1) hip width and 2) waist circumference
A toddler standing still as an adult holds a ruler in front of her hips.
Hip width: Use a ruler to obtain hip width (photo of size 6).
Waist circumference: Use a measuring tape to obtain circumference (photo 21 inches).
Waist circumference is the child's waist, bulky clothing provides measurement too large (see photo)

Little Javi stands still

Nobody has ever said measuring a toddler was easy. However, this video shows how easy it can be with a child who stands perfectly still.

Charna moves about

-Mohamad shows the method for measuring a squirming toddler girl. The method is to wait for your moment and be ready with the measuring tape