a boy running at home carrying a ball wearing belt cane
Safe toddles logo purple circle black circle above white t-shape suggests a person
Boy smiling, running, one hand holds cane the other the control for remote control toy
two year old stands wearing her belt cane one hand in mouth the other resting on a table
Belt cane frame locates toys on the floor
three year old walking on sidewalk, both hands holding cane.
girl wearing belt canes walking, both hands held up near shoulders
A girl walking wearing her belt cane, one hand holding adult's hand the other hand is against her chest.
Grace Ambrose-Zaken and two Wisconsin state consultants hold belt canes and smiling
girl wearing belt cane walking holding the gait trainer handles
a girl wearing belt cane is heading for the stairs
a girl walks bare foot wearing belt cane one hand holds cane the other is pointing

Photo Gallery

boy walks down a street, happy face, both hands holding the cane. His Tshirt reads wins start here.
three year old boy walking wearing his belt cane and holding teachers hands. she is behind him.
seven year old with impaired hands, walks wearing her belt cane, big smile, an adult is behind her with one hand on the belt.
Mohamad Fallah Rad Lead Engineer Safe Toddles
Two year old girl who is blind wearing a belt cane is walking toward a down step, the belt cane frame has fallen off the step indicating the exact location of the step down.
three year old girl is wearing her belt cane, she is holding her hands up to make a fun shadow on the ground
Dr. Bikson seen filming one year old wearing belt cane a CCNY
two year old girl walking wearing belt cane towards turncated domes of intersection. Both of her hands are held by her teacher. teacher is behind her.
Boy walking wearing his cane on sidewalk and both hands holding the gait trainer used for balance
three year old who is blind stands next to a bin and his opening the lid with both hands. She seems to be looking inside. Wearing her belt cane.
three year old girl walks down school hallway wearing her belt cane. both hands are on the cane frame.
Professor Bikson and Grace Ambrose-Zaken walking down hallway for CUNY-TV shoot. Science & U
two year old boy stands with smile holding his belt cane
Child wearing belt cane stands near a chair. One hand near her mouth the other touch the chair.
4-year-old stands near chairs with attached desk, visually impaired, wearing belt cane the cane fits under the chair, he is holding remote control airplane and other hand has the controller.
three-year-old girl, visually impaired wearing belt cane steps up on curb, both hands manipulating the cane
three-year-old boy, blind wearing belt cane and using gait trainer to walk
two-year-old girl who is blind walks with belt cane both hands grasping the cane
two-year-old stands on mat wearing her belt cane, mat that reads home sweet home
two year old walks by himself first time, because he was wearing his belt cane. both hands are holding his cane.
four-year-old boy very happy playing on sidewalk wearing his belt cane
four-year-old girl is standing with cane and rear walker
close up of two-year-old boy's hands grasping the belt cane big smile on his face.
little one-year-old girl locates a chair with her belt cane base. Both hands on the cane.
three-year-old walks into a store using a rectangular cane
One-year-old has one hand on belt cane the other reaching out to touh potted plant
side view of four-year-old boy running on NYC sidewalk wearing his belt cane
four-year-old boy and Grace Ambrose-Zaken running down 68th street in NYC he is wearing belt cane
three-year-old girl visually impaired wearing belt cane and custume, both hands resting on her cane.
three-year-old boy blind, wears belt cane is walking outside mall
Three-year-old girl with CVI walks without belt cane hands up by ears, wide gait, PT hands ready to catch her title reads April 2018--walking without a belt cane. next to same girl wearing her belt cane, walking independently, hands relaxed, smiling; title september 2018--walking with a belt cane.before after.
three-year-old visually impaired girl wearing belt cane is running down sidewalk big smile. shirt reads Love
three year old boy stands tall in grass wearing belt cane
five year old on the Autism spectrum and visually impaired seen walking wearing belt cane that has been altered with additional bar to hold and blue colored tape on the cane shafts
two-year-old boy, blind wears belt cane on sidewalk, snowy day, one hand on cane, one holding parent's hand.
three-year-old girl with CVI wearing belt cane holding pink feather duster.
three-year-old visually impaired girl sitting at her school desk wearing a belt cane
shipping box with Safe Toddles mailing label
two-year-old girl who is blind wears belt cane, both hands holding cane shafts
2-year-old visually impaired boy wearing belt cane is having an O&M lesson on street crossing
4-year-old boy visually impaired wearing belt cane running down the sidewalk next to Grace Ambrose-Zaken
two-year-old boy blind wearing belt cane walking through fresh snow.
brother and sister on gravel road, brother is 2-years-old blind wearing a belt cane, he is leanding down to investigate his sister's bike his cane found.
one-year-old girl who is blind stands tall, both hands on her belt cane walking indeendently.
three-year-old girl with CVI wearing belt cane playing
Four-year-old girl wearing belt cane, walks hand in hand with her mom and brother through school parking lot
three-year-old boy visually impaired wears belt cane running down school hallway
three-year-old boy, visually impaired walking with belt cane, one hand flying the toy airplane the other holds the toy's controller.
Girl and boy in school hallway, both are visually impaired one using a rod cane, the other wearing her belt cane.
three-year-old girl with CVI walking with belt cane hodling pink duster
Two children wearing belt canes meet in a hallway when their canes contact each other
O&M specialist Lynn Geautraux holds his new belt canes for picture
4-year-old stands on sidewalk wearing his belt cane smiling
full sheet of belt cane measuring kit calipers just cut by laser printed
three-year-old girl with visual impairment wearing belt cane is running down sidewalk
two-year-old boy, CHARGE syndrome, wearing belt cane holding a basket ball walking independently for the first time
two-year-old visually impaired boy wearing belt cane is playing catch
ana multiply impaired, wearing belt cane on an O&M/PT joint lesson
cbsn screen shot of the newscast with title reads New Device aids visually impared toddlers CBSN
Grace Ambrose-Zaken and Max Gomez intervewing her for CBS news
Charna two-year-old girl, blind wears belt cane finds curb drop off
WDBJ 7 screenshot lined up with the above picture so that the top is the girl's head, this is the girl's body with the belt cane. New Device For Toddlers Who Are Blind Amherst County
WDBJ 7 screen shot of the news story on belt canes title reads New Device for Toddlers Who are Blind
one-year-old girl who is visually impaired wears belt cane
WDBJ 7 screenshot New Device for Blind Kids
WDBJ 7 screen shot shows three-year-old swinging
three-year-old waving at the camera wearing her belt cane.
Back cover of Crain's New York magazine shows three-year-old girl with visual impairment wearing a belt cane, holding her doll, walking towards a pair of adult legs. Reads A way forward.
CUNY Billboard webstory reads life-changing research at CUNY CBS New York highlights CUNY professors' invention that helps vision-impaired toddlers walk--even run-safely
screen shot of CBS 2 news studio with the two anchors, Max Gomez and the title of the story Toddler Cane
Title: Special cane allows local girl, who is blind, to conquer anything she wants by Elizabeth Tyree & Kari Beal - Tuesday, July 24th 2018; Dr. Grace Ambrose-Zaken orientation and mobility specialist Amherst Co., VA (WSET)--A new specially designed cane is helping a local toddler with a disability to be just like any other kid who loves to play, jump, and climb. Madison is two-and-a-half-years-old and loves to climb and these days she's conquering more than just heights.
max gomez standing in news studio reporting in front of sign that reads toddler cane
five-year-old boy stands on his brick patio wearing his belt cane. One hand rests on the cane, the other is up in the air. He is taking a step.