Links to Videos of User How-To Tips

Blnd five yearold bac to camera, his hands are held up head high, fingers taught in front of a head high swng.
side view of the assembled daily belt cane; red based, black belt and white cane shafts form a rectangle. The belt attached to two magnets.
black belt sitting on white table, brown safe toddles logo facing, behind are measuring kit canisters
Two year old with tunnel vision is holding a belt cane frame with one hand and probing the magnets with heother, he is string intently athis actions.
Two year old girl, blind wearing her belt cane seen in crouched position beginning to stand up.
Two year old blind girl, is closing the door, hands reaching across her body, cane frame base i contact with door, not in the way.
Two people seen walking side-by-side, one blind two-year-old girl is wearing a belt cane, the other has a smily face on the back of her jacket.